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Democratic Candidate for U.S. Congress 
Florida's 15th District
Teacher & Coach | Small Business Owner | Community Leader
Phil's wide array of life experiences will make him a great congressman.

Construction Worker - A Mason for 19 years, owned his Masonry Co.

 School Teacher - He was a Middle School Science Teacher mostly working in low income schools, 9 years

Small Business Owner - Real Estate Business Owner 7 Years.

Phil is a True Progressive wanting to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr. and that any American working 40 hrs a week should make a livable wage. The wealth in our country should not go to the top .01% and the work force should get their fair share. Starting with strengthening our Unions.

He believes Healthcare is the right of every American and wants Single Payer Healthcare, so no family is an illness away from financial ruin. 

Phil believes in the 2nd Amendment and believes we should uphold every citizens right to own a gun, as long as they are well regulated with background checks on all gun purchases. He believes that the banning of fully automatic weapons is the right thing to do, and believes that we should reimpose the ban of the semi automatic weapons that were allowed to expire in 2004 including the AR-15.

Phil is a strong believer in education and believes in Debt Free Education through College or Trade School. To take that a step further Phil knows that our economy would receive a large boost by the forgiveness of the student debt.  By the government forgiving all student loans our economy would grow about 90-100 billion dollars annually.

Phil Believes in overturning Citizens United and getting BIG Money out of Politics and giving a voice back to the people. Overhauling campaign finance so large corporations and billionaires cannot buy elections or politicians.

He Believes in equal rights for ALL the people of our country no matter your sex, race, religion, sexual orientation or heritage. We must learn to appreciate our differences and value each other.

Phil will work hard to take care of our Veterans both on and off the battle field. Fight to help them adjust from coming home from war and bringing the wars to a close.  

Phil understands that Social Security and Medicare are provided by the peoples hard work and will fight to keep the governments hands out of the reserves of both programs.  Elderly Americans worked their lives to have that money in place for them to retire with dignity and we must preserve it and increase it.

Phil is a former science teacher and knows how important the Global Warming Crises is and wants to make changes in our countries Carbon Footprint to stop and reverse the man made warming of the earth.  He also believes in the development of renewable energies that will create good paying jobs and stop our dependency on middle eastern oil.

Phil believes that our public schools need to be reformed and our education system needs to be updated to the demands of students in this century and beyond.  He believes in getting rid of high stakes testing and school grading.  Being a former teacher taught him that ALL students can learn and excel, they need to do it at their pace and find out what they are good at. The schools need to reflect what we know about learning and how kids learn.

If you want to elect a lifelong Democrat to Florida's 15th district that will make real changes that will effect Americans Lives, vote for Phil Hornback on August 28th in the Primary and November 6th in the general election and he will go to work for you.

Committee to Elect Phillip Hornback U.S. Congress Florida 15th district
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