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I was a full time middle school science teacher for 9 years in the public school systems.  I have seen the great work teachers are able to do with students when they have the resources and backing from the administration and the parents.  I have also seen the politics crush the life out of education system and making it as plain as wrote learning and memorizing facts for high pressurized testing.  I have seen the light in a students eyes when they are taught to think and allowed to grow, only to see the light disappear when being forced to learn and grow at the same pace as every other student around them.  Being forced to be reined in and held stagnant while others catch up or feel immense pressure from others to learn from a method that is not the best way for that student to learn.  I know the system, the players and this game I understand completely and it needs to be so much better.


Committee to Elect Phillip Hornback U.S. Congress Florida 15th district
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