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The Economy

Issue: Building the Economy
I believe the best way to build the economy is to build it through the middle class.  We need to raise middle class wages, cut middle class taxes and boost our small businesses in order to build the economy to a higher sustainable level without adding to the national debt.  
Trickle Down Economics don't work because giving all the breaks to the rich does not put more money into circulation.  This has been proven over our history ever since Reagan and the latest example of what a failure it is would be in the current state of Kansas.  The wealthy spend minimal amounts of money and usually keep it tied up in investments.  If you want to help corporations with tax breaks give them tax incentives based on their payroll and what they are paying their employees. We can use the Davis Bacon Wage Standards as a comparison and percentages of the standard to determine the amount of a tax break   When we hand corporations and the rich tax cuts its does not trickle to their current employees in higher salaries. We know this because they have not done that in the past. 
We need to get more money in the hands of the middle class in order to give the economy the boost that it needs.  Middle class Americans spend their money and buy our goods, cars, houses and their purchasing creates more jobs for home builders, car manufactures etc.  Around 70% of our economy is based on the circulation of money by the middle class and it is time to cut the huge gap between the wealthy and the middle class.

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