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Democratic Candidate for Florida House District 58
Teacher & Coach | Small Business Owner | Former Union Member
Phil's wide array of life experiences will make him a great congressman.

Construction Worker - Mason nineteen years, Union Bricklayer, Masonry Co. Owner

 School Teacher - He was a Middle School Science Teacher mostly working in low income schools, nine years

Small Business Owner - Currently Real Estate Business Owner.

Phil plans to go to Tallahassee to fight for the working people of the 58th District. To bring in good jobs with the livable wages the people in 58 deserve.

Phil will fight to get our public schools fully funded. He is a former classroom teacher and knows how hard it is for teacher to do their jobs while fighting all the cutbacks from past leadership.

Phil Will fight for teachers to get paid for all their hard work.  While working to keep our schools safe and not by arming teachers.

Phil will also be working to get the Medicare Expansion that will serve over one million Floridians, so they will have the healthcare we all deserve as Americans.

If you want someone that understands the working people of Florida, elect Phil Hornback to the Florida House in the 58th District.



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