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The Economy

The economy needs to be build through the middle class and not from the top down.  We need to shrink the gap between the top 1% and the middle class.  We need to raise wages to get more money into our economy.

Health Care

It is the right of every American to have access to affordable healthcare with low deductibles.  We are the richest country in the world and our insurance companies have had record profits over the last few years and it is time to get our health care system working for all of us.

Medicare and Social Security

As Americans we have paid into these systems throughout our working lives and the government should leave them alone, unless they are going to improve them or increase the benefits for those who are receiving them.  Privatizing them would be a disaster that the American people don't deserve and I will do everything I can to fight to keep them and make them better.


If we want to truly keep The United States as the leader of the world we need to do it by educating our children.  Every child deserves a chance at a good education.  We need to prioritize our future with our educational system becoming the best in the world again.  We need to do it by providing the resources to the teachers and allowing the teachers the freedom to help kids explore and learn to critically think and problem solve.


I believe in a healthy environment.   I believe global warming is real.  I believe that the human is the only species on the planet that causes the planet harm by polluting the air and water.  I believe that there are large corporations that are very responsible and are completely environmentally friendly, and I believe there are some large corporations that do the wrong thing and only worry about their bottom dollar.  The government is the only way to deal with the corporations that are not environmentally friendly, as we know they very rarely listen to a few individuals.  It is the governments job to make sure all of our water and air are protected.

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